Page Types

Restricting the Use of Templates

All the layout templates on a website are available for a page in the layout template selector.

However, you can explicitly select in a page type what templates should only be available in the layout template selector when editing a page. By default, a page type includes all the templates available in C1 CMS.

Figure 34: All the layout templates are available

To select templates in a page type:

  1. Edit a page type.
  2. On the Layout tab, check the templates that you want to keep available in the layout template selector on pages.
  3. Click Save.

Figure 35: Limiting templates available for pages

Now the page based on the page type will only have selected templates on the list.

Figure 36: Only one template available

Important Notes

Please note that if no templates are selected in the Layout restrictions list, all the templates will be available.

However, if at least one template is selected in the list, all unselected templates will be no longer available.

If a page is based on a template which you later exclude from the list of templates available in the page type, it will be used on a page until you switch to a different template. Once changed, it will be removed from the layout template selector on a page.