Page Types

Adding Applications

Console applications conveniently combine all relevant and related elements and commands into one entity (a tree structure). Like with page data folders, a page can have no, one or more applications.

You can add an application to a page manually, or you can have it added automatically when creating or editing a page by selecting the page type that includes an application. For this, you need to add the required application to this page type.

To add an application to a page type:

  1. Make sure that the application is available in the system.
  2. Edit the page type.
  3. On the Data Folders/Applications tab, in the Applications section, check the application.
  4. Click Save.

Figure 16: Selecting an application

Every time you create a page with this page type now, the application will be automatically attached to the page.

Figure 17: The application added via a page type

If no application is available on the list (Step 4), no application exists in the system.

Figure 18: No applications available

Important Notes

If you switch the page type on a page to the one with an application, this application will be only added if it has not been added to the page yet either manually or via a page type with it.

The application will be kept if you switch to the page type on a page to the one without this application.