Page Types

Creating Page Types

You can create, edit and use page types in the CMS Console. C1 CMS always comes with the default page type. You can, however, create your own page types and/or edit the default one.

Figure 1: Page Types in Layout

To create a page type:

  1. Log into the Administrative Console.
  2. In the Layout perspectives, select Page Types.
  3. Click Add Page Type on the toolbar.
  4. In the Add New Page Type window, specify the following values:
    • Name: The name of the page type
    • Description: The description of the page type
  5. Click OK.

Figure 2: Creating a page type

The new page type appears under Page Types in Layout.

Figure 3: The page type created

Now that you have created a page type, go on to learn how to edit and use it.