Razor Page Templates

Use Razor to create page layout templates

In C1 CMS version 4.0 or later, along with XML templates and Master Pages, you can create and use Razor page templates.

Note. Although Razor is often associated with MVC, it is simply a view engine option for ASP.NET. You don't need MVC support on your C1 CMS Website to create Razor page templates.

Basically, creating or using Razor page templates is no different from creating or using XML templates or Master Page-based templates. It is the technology - Razor, in this case - used to design these templates that matters. However, the technology used in the template is absolutely transparent to end users.

In this guide you will learn how to use Razor to create and edit page templates in C1 CMS.

Note. For samples other than those provided in this guide, you can also install the "Open Cph - Razor" (or "Tiny Cph - Razor") starter site, which is completely based on a number of Razor page templates.