Page Types

Editing Page Types (Advanced)

Each page type predefines what a page based on it includes, gets by default or has limited.

Each page type may include:

  • one or more templates
  • no, one or more page data folders
  • no, one or more metadata types
  • no, one or more applications
  • no, one or more placeholder content items

By default, a newly created page type includes all the templates available on the website and does not include any page data folders, metadata types, applications, or content placeholders.

Besides, the page type allows you to set these defaults:

  • the default page type for a child page being created
  • the default layout template used with the page

In addition, you can apply restrictions to set up:

  • whether a menu title for a page is preset
  • whether a page type is selectable when adding or editing a page
  • what layout templates are selectable on a page
  • whether a page type is available for all pages, homepages or subpages
  • whether a page type is available for child pages whose parent pages are of certain page types

In the following few section, you will learn how to complete the above-mentioned tasks.