Create CMS Functions using Razor, User Controls, XSLT, SQL and other technologies

Functions are one of the central concept in C1 CMS. To create a CMS Function, you can use a technology of your choice such as ASP.NET Razor, ASP.NET User Controls, XSLT, SQL. And C1 CMS API gives you access to many C1 CMS specific interfaces, classes and methods, letting you customize your websites as well as C1 CMS itself the way you need.

The CMS Functions can help you reuse content across many pages and across many websites, render dynamic content and integrate external functionality in a convenient and user-friendly way. Regardless the technology, their end users will work with them in a uniform way without seeing any difference.

In this section, you will learn how to use various technologies to create CMS Functions and how to implement that specific logic you need on your websites.

  • Razor Functions

    Learn how to use the Razor syntax in creating C1 CMS Websites.

  • MVC

    Learn how to integrate your ASP.NET MVC solutions in C1 CMS Websites.

  • User Control Functions

    Learn how to use ASP.NET user controls as standard CMS Functions in C1 CMS.

  • XSLT Functions

    XSLT developers own the layout and can create data structures, applications and advanced renderings on their own.

  • C# Functions

    Learn how to create and use C# functions in C1 CMS.

  • SQL Functions

    Learn how to create and use SQL functions C1 CMS.

  • C1 CMS API

    Get a quick introduction to C1 CMS API and learn a few examples of using it.

  • Dependency Injection

    Learn how to set CMS Function parameters of specific types to default values via the API.

  • Custom URLs

    Handle custom page URLs from your ASP.NET code.

See also a user guide to CMS Functions.

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