Master Pages Templates

Get full power of Master Pages in C1 CMS

As an ASP.NET developers, you most likely expect to use ASP.NET Master Pages in an ASP.NET-based CMS, which C1 CMS is.

In C1 CMS v .4.0 or later, Master Pages are integrated within the system so that you can use them as standard C1 CMS Page layout templates.

(If you want to create and use them in earlier C1 CMS Versions, you can make use of the C1Contrib's Master Pages.)

Creating a Master Page based layout template is essentially no different from creating or using XML or Razor based page templates. Besides, to the end user (for example, a person who creates pages), the type of the template - Master Page, Razor or XML - is absolutely transparent.

Note. To quickly create boilerplate-code Master Page based templates (as well as User Control functions) from Visual Studio 2012, install an ad-hoc Visual Studio 2012 extension by C1 CMS: CompositeC1WebFormExtensions.vsix. (It works with Visual Studio 2012 only.)

In this guide, you'll learn how to create, edit and use Master Pages in C1 CMS.