Adapt C1 CMS to your needs

C1 CMS comes with a preset configuration, which allows you to start using it out-of-the-box - provided you have finished steps of the setup wizard.

If you want to fine tune C1 CMS's configuration to adapt it to your specific requirements or make use of some extra functionality, you may to consider taking additional configuration steps.

  • Getting Your Site Online

    Choose how to publish a C1 CMS Website and learn to troubleshoot the most common issues.

  • Installation ID

    Learn where you can find the Installation ID of your C1 CMS.

  • URL Configuration

    Make URLs prettier and shorter with the URL Configuration feature in C1 CMS.

  • URL Formatting

    Have the URLs auto-formatted by rules when creating pages.

  • URL Remapping

    Set up and configure an ASP.NET HTTP Module, which can redirect requests based on rules, to map old URLs to new CMS Pages.

  • Generating Sitemaps

    Learn how to automatically generate sitemap.xml for your websites

  • Email Host Setup

    Set up your email host to send emails directly from the website.

  • Adding MIME types

    Make your website more specific about types of the resources it provides by adding more MIME types.

  • Resizing Images

    Present images in sizes you need by resizing them via query string parameters.

  • C1 CMS and Version Control

    Learn how to version-control C1 CMS.

  • Logging

    Learn about the built-in C1 CMS logging system.

  • Optimize for Speed

    Learn how to find response time-related bottlenecks on your website and how to deal with them.

  • Password Policy

    Enhance the CMS Console security by ensuring strong password policy in C1 CMS.

  • CMS Console Access

    Force HTTPS when accessing the CMS Console or completely disable the access.

  • Limiting Login Attempts

    Learn how to limit the number of failed CMS Console login attempts to secure passwords of user accounts against dictionary attacks.

  • EU Cookie Warning

    Warn your visitors that your website uses cookies in compliance with the EU cookie directive.

  • Creating CMS Packages

    Learn how to create your own CMS Packages.

  • Multi-Site Development

    Get familiarized with best practices in multi-site development with C1 CMS.

  • Configuration FAQ

    Frequently asked questions on configuring C1 CMS.