CMS Console App Developer

Learn to customize CMS Administrative Console

The CMS Console Application Developer track is a specialized track that deals with customizing and extending the CMS Console with CMS Console applications.

In C1 CMS you can create applications for its CMS Console via XML-based tree definitions and thus change the way users work in it. The Tree Definitions feature allows you to customize the composition, content and commands in the CMS Console tree structure.

By completing this track you will be able to create your own console application performing the tasks ranging from simply attaching a custom command to an existing tree element (a CMS Page for one) to creating a complex tree-like hierarchy with its own set of commands combining, grouping, sorting and filtering elements of multiple data types. You will also learn how to create page types and do other related tasks.

Required trainings:

The following are the topics you are required to study in order to get certified in the CMS Console Application Developer track. Please follow the links and study all the materials suggested here.

Topics for the CMS Console Application Developer Track

Once finished studying the materials, please go on to do the sample assignment to make sure you are ready.