System Administrator

Learn to administrate C1 CMS

The CMS System Administrator track is a specialized track that deals with administrating C1 CMS.

Administrating C1 CMS requires knowledge and skill in deploying C1 CMS Websites, managing access to their administrative consoles as well as backing up CMS Websites with various data stores.

By completing this track you will be able to deploy C1 CMS in various environments, back up and restore both XML and SQL based websites, create required user roles to access the CMS Console and fine-tune the permissions for both users and user groups at the level of a single web page or data item.

Required trainings:

The following are the topics you are required to study in order to get certified in the CMS System Administrator track. Please follow the links and study all the materials suggested here.

Topics for the CMS System Administrator Track

Once finished studying the materials, please go on to do the sample assignment to make sure you are ready.