Static IData Types

Integrate static IData types into the CMS Console

In this quick guide you will learn how to integrate your static IData types in the CMS Administrative Console. When integrated, the user will be able to add, edit and delete items of these types in the GUI as well as do other operations.

In general, it takes 3 major steps to make static IData types available in the console:

  1. Creating an IData type (please see "Data types using C#")
  2. Creating a form definition for items of this type (please see "Editing Form Markup")
  3. Creating a tree definition to make the items available in the console (please see the "Guide to Applications")

The following two examples will illustrate these steps.

  • Example 1 (Simple)

    Learn how to create a simple data type and integrate it in the Data perspective for managing its data items.

  • Example 2 (Advanced)

    Learn how to create a data type that references another data type and integrate them in the Data perspective for managing their data items.