System Integrator

Learn to integrate C1 CMS and external solutions

The CMS System Integrator track is a specialized track that deals with integrating C1 CMS and external solutions.

C1 CMS is a highly adaptable and customizable system due to its open plug-in architecture and open API. You can integrate C1 CMS and external solutions as well as build your own solutions based on this CMS.

By completing this track you will be able to use the C1 CMS API and extend C1 CMS's functionality, build your own data providers, create your own website solutions as well as perform administrative tasks in this CMS.

Required trainings:

The following are the topics you are required to study in order to get certified in the CMS System Integrator track. Please follow the links and study all the materials suggested here.

Topics for the CMS System Integrator Track

Once finished studying the materials, please go on to do the sample assignment to make sure you are ready.

Writing a read/write data provider: A read/write data provider