Front-End Developer

Learn to develop front-end solutions in C1 CMS

The Front-End Developer track is a specialized track that deals with the front-end development and related activities in C1 CMS.

Web pages in C1 CMS are based on layout templates that can include reused content often emitted by a number of CMS Functions, built in, added by C1 CMS add-ons or made by a C1 CMS front-end developer on his/her own. By completing this track you will be able to create, customize layout templates in C1 CMS as well as do a number of other advanced tasks (e.g. creating simple Razor functions or customizing Visual Editor) you might be required in your development.

Required trainings:

The following are the topics you are required to study in order to get certified in the Front-End Developer track. Please follow the links and study all the materials suggested here.

Topics for the Front-End Developer Track

Once finished studying the materials, please go on to do the sample assignment to make sure you are ready.