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Starter Sites

Both novices and experts can find their way with C1 CMS

The default C1 CMS installation comes with a few Starter Sites that will help you get started with your own website in no time.

By observing all the starter site components installed or created for you, you can quickly learn how to create and edit your own websites.

Each starter site usually includes:

  • pages that makes up the website itself
  • a media archive with a few image files used on the website
  • page templates, page types and page template features
  • data types populated with some demo data
  • a few CMS Packages (add-ons) that adds specific features to the website and the CMS Console
  • a number of custom CMS Functions used on pages and in page templates

The following starter sites are available for you on the initial website setup:

  • Venus
  • Venus (Fully Loaded)
  • Neptune
  • Mercury
  • Open Cph - Razor
  • Open Cph - Master Pages

You can also choose templates-only Tiny Cph  websites or opt for the "Bare Bones".

When you create a demo website with us, you skip the initial setup wizard and normally the "Venus (Fully Loaded)" is installed for you.

Venus & Venus (Fully Loaded) Starter Sites

The Venus Starter Site is a mobile-first starter site, based on Bootstrap, the most popular front-end framework for developing responsive, mobile first projects on the web.

As LESS handles all the styling extending the CSS language with variables, mixins, functions and many other techniques, it makes this website more maintainable, themable and extendable. 

The Venus starter site use ASP.NET Razor Web Pages for page templates.

There are two versions of the "Venus" starter site:

  • "Venus"
  • "Venus (Fully Loaded)"

The latter comes with more commercial add-ons pre-installed and configured such as Extranet, Newsletter and more.

The "Venus" is a recommended Starter Site option.

Neptune Starter Site

The Neptune Starter Site is a modern mobile-first website, which targets digital agencies, consultants and similar companies that provide a service and attract customers by showcasing work.

The website is built on ASP.NET Razor, Bootstrap and LESS CSS.

Mercury Starter Site

The Mercury Starter Site is a modern and animated mobile-first website with a portfolio, the form builder (30-day trial), content search, the employee profile page and more. It is built on ASP.NET Razor, Bootstrap and LESS.

Open Cph Starter Site

The Open Cph Starter Site is also based on the Bootstrap, and uses LESS and Razor Web Pages or Master Pages for templates. It is easy to skin and is both Web and mobile friendly.

It comes in 2 flavors:

  • "Open Cph - Razor" is built on ASP.NET Razor and uses Razor Web Pages for page templates.
  • "Open Cph - Master Pages" is built on ASP.NET Master Pages and uses Master Pages for page templates.

Tiny Cph Starter Site

The Tiny Cph Starter Site is a "templates-only" minimalistic version of the "Open Cph" site. It includes all the page templates, packages and functions of the "Open Cph" Stater Site but has no content pages or media files thereof.

It is a good option for those who only want the "Open Cph" site's layouts and functionality as a starting point to go with their own content and media.

It also has two versions:

  • "Tiny Cph - Razor" is built on ASP.NET Razor and uses Razor Web Pages for page templates.
  • "Tiny Cph - Master Pages" is built on ASP.NET Master Pages and uses Master Pages for page templates.

Bare Bones

The Bare Bones setup targets those web designers and developers who know what they want and are ready to build their websites from scratch.

The Bare Bones option provides a minimum setup and is recommended for those who are familiar with C1 CMS or willing to experiment.