Setting Up Environment

Set up environment for GUI localization

Before you run the localization tool, prepare the website, get the localization tool and configure it:

  1. Set up a CMS Website.
  2. Download and unzip
  3. Edit LocalizationTool.exe.config in the application folder and set these parameters:
    • websitePath: The path to the root folder of your CMS Website
    • targetCultureName: The culture code of the target language of localization

(The "sourceCultureName" parameter is set to 'en-US', which in most cases would be the source language. However, if some other language is used as your default GUI language, you should set this parameter, too.)

For example, if your website is physically located at C:\inetpub\C1WebSite and you want to localize it to Danish, LocalizationTool.exe.config will look like this:

    <add key="websitePath" value="c:\inetpub\C1WebSite"/>
    <add key="sourceCultureName" value="en-US"/>
    <add key="targetCultureName" value="da-DK"/>