Enabling Element Preview

Show contents for any tree element in the browser view.

In C1 CMS v. 5.0 or later, you can preview pages and some other tree elements in the browser view on the right pane.

Likewise, you can enable the preview of any tree element on any perspective.

Enabling preview of data items

You can enable previewing data items in the browser view by:

  • using RoutedData<DataType> (please see "Data URL Routing" for more information),
  • or implementing and registering a custom data URL mapper (IDataUrlMapper) (please see "IDataUrlMapper" for more information)

Some C1 CMS addons come with the data item preview already enabled, such as Composite.Community.Blog or Composite.Lists.Profiles.

Note. If you are using MVC functions, please also see "Data Routing for MVC Functions".

Enabling preview of other tree elements

For tree elements other than data items, you can enable previewing by:

  • implementing and registering a custom URL-to-entity-token mapper (IUrlToEntityTokenMapper)

Please see "IUrlToEntityTokenMapper" for more information.

In C1 CMS v. 5.0 or later, you can preview the server log without opening it (System / Server Log) or information on any available package (System / Packages / Available Packages).


  • C1 CMS version 5.0 or later