Exporting Localization

Export your GUI localization as a package

By using Composite.Tools.PackageCreator, you can export all localization files to a package. This package can be further installed on another C1 CMS instance and make GUI localization as simple as a couple of clicks in the CMS Console.

Note. If you haven't installed Package Creator, install it: System | Available Packages | Composite.Tools | Composite.Tools.PackageCreator | Package Info | Install. A new perspective called "Package Creator" will be added in the CMS Console.

To export your GUI localization to a package:

  1. From the "Package Creator" perspective, right-click "Packages" and click "Create package" in the context menu.
  2. In the popup window, fill out all the fields and click "Next". A package element will appear under "Packages", e.g. "Composite.Localization.C1Console.Danish" (see below on the naming conventions.)
  3. Make sure the package is set as 'active' (right-click it and click "Set Active").
  4. Next, from the "System" perspective, expand /App_Data/Composite/LanguagePacks, right-click the folder with the localization files for your language (e.g. 'da-DK'), and click "Add to the Package". This will add all the localization files you've created with the localization tool to the package.
  5. Back in the "Package Creator" perspective, right click the package and click Download package.
  6. When prompted, specify the path where to save the package.

Now the language package can be distributed to other C1 CMS installations.

Naming conventions

When creating a package to export your GUI localization files to, please consider using these values for the corresponding fields:

  • Name: The GUI localization package is normally named as "Composite.Localization.C1Console.{Language}", where '{Language}' stands for the English name of the language, for example: Composite.Localization.C1Console.German.
  • Group name: If you follow the naming convention for the Name field as suggested above, please use "Composite.Localization" for the group name.
  • Read more URL: We recommend using http://docs.cms.orckestra.com/Composite.Localization.C1Console for the Read more URL.