Creating Razor Templates

Create page layout templates with Razor

You can create and edit C1 CMS Razor templates in two ways: in your developer IDE such as Visual Studio or in the Layout perspective in the CMS Console.

If you choose to create Razor templates in the CMS Console, C1 CMS will handle creating the corresponding file in the correct folder as well as insert the minimum code/markup required to inherit from the proper class and declare and initialize mandatory properties for the template's ID, title etc. However, you will not have the IDE features Visual Studio provides such as IntelliSense, statement completion or write-time compile warnings.

For your convenience, both options are described here:

Using Razor templates

Using Razor templates is no different from using any other type of the C1 CMS templates. The editors deal with "C1 CMS Page templates", and technology "behind the scenes" - whether it is XML, Razor or Master Pages - is absolutely transparent to them.

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