Tree Schema Definition Reference


This element defines an action that shows a standard confirmation box. If the user clicks 'OK', the embedded CMS function is executed.

It has the following attributes:

  • ConfirmTitle
  • ConfirmMessage
  • Label
  • ToolTip
  • Icon
  • RefreshTree
  • PermissionTypes
  • Location

It must contain one f:function element that embeds an CMS function.


The title of the confirmation box. Required.


The message of the confirmation box. Required.


The label of the action. Required.


The tooltip of the action. Optional. Defaults to the value of the Label attribute.


The icon of the action. Optional.

The names of C1 CMS standard icons you can use in your application are listed in ~\Composite\images\icons\StandardIcons.xml


When set to “true”, the tree refreshes if the user clicks “OK”. Its possible values are:

  • true
  • false

Defaults to “false”.


A list of permissions on the custom URL action. Optional. The list can include one or more comma-separated values:

  • read
  • edit
  • add
  • delete
  • approve
  • publish
  • administrate

Defaults to “read”.


The location of the action’s button on the toolbar. Optional. Its possible values are one of the following:

  • Add
  • Edit
  • Delete
  • Other

Defaults to “Other”.