Test Yourself

Test yourself in the ASP.NET Developer track

By doing the assignment below, you can test your knowledge of the ASP.NET Developer track. Make sure you have studied all the materials suggested in this track.

The assignment consists of 10 tasks. Some of the tasks refer to the data you have to create in some of the previous tasks. So we recommend that you do the tasks in the suggested order.

The actual assignment may include one or more tasks similar to those below. However, you should bear in mind that the actual tasks may be different from the topics covered here and be a bit more complex.

Task 1

  1. Create and a new C1 CMS Website on IIS.
  2. Use a starter site of your choice.
  3. Enable the verbose logging in C1 CMS.
  4. View logs with Log Viewer.

Task 2

  1. Create a global data type: “Test.City” and add fields: “City” (string (64)), “Country” (string (64)).
  2. Add three or more data items with arbitrary values.

Task 3

  1. Create a Razor function called "Test.ShowCities".
  2. Display the "Test.City" data items (Task 2) with the function.
  3. Create a page called "Cities" and insert the "Test.ShowCities" function on the page.

Task 4

  1. Create a Razor function called "Test.AddCity".
  2. Using LINQ, have the function programmatically add one data item to the "Test.City" data type (Task 2) with some arbitrary data, every time it is called.

Task 5

  1. Create an MVC solution with a controller that passes some data to a view, which in turn displays this data.
  2. Register the controller as an MVC Function named "Test.ShowMvc".
  3. Create a page called “My MVC” and add the "Test.ShowMvc" function to the page.

Task 6

  1. Install the "Northwind" database on a Microsoft SQL Server (if necessary).
  2. Create a read-only data provider called “CustomersDataProvider” that exposes the Customers table from the database.
  3. Add this data provider to a CMS Website.

Task 7

  1. Add another language of your choice to the website.
  2. Localize the "Test.City" data items in this language. (You can use fictitious “translations” into other languages.)

Task 8

  1. Create a Razor-based template called “New Template”.
  2. Create a CSS file and link to it in the template.
  3. Add another content placeholder called “InfoPane”.

Task 9

  1. Create a page meta type: “Demo.WelcomeMessage”.
  2. Add a field: “Text” (string (256), optional).
  3. Add the meta type to the root page of the website.
  4. Make sure it is inherited on all the subpages.
  5. Change the values in the metafields of this type on two subpages.

Task 10

  1. Create a backup of the website using Composite.Tools.XmlBasedSiteBackup.
  2. Restore the website from the backup keeping the old website in the folder called “OldC1Website”.