Function Parameters


Functions play a key role in designing and developing websites in C1 CMS, and their input parameters help make the functions highly adjustable and customizable.

In this guide you will learn how to create function parameters, set default and test values and select proper widgets as well as find out what parameter types are available in C1 CMS.

Who Should Read This Guide

This guide is intended for developers who want to learn how to create parameters for XSLT, C# inline and SQL functions in C1 CMS.

As a developer, you must be an expert in XML and XSLT, C# or SQL based on what type of functions you create. You should also know how to work with C1 CMS and in its CMS Console.

You need to have access to the Functions perspective with sufficient permissions to create and edit CMS functions. To use the CMS functions on pages and layout templates, you might also need to have access to the Content and Layout perspectives.

Getting Started

To get started with function parameters, you are supposed to take a number of steps.

Getting Started



Chapter or section


Create a function parameter

Creating Input Parameters


Setting a parameter’s properties

Parameter Properties


Setting the default or test value

Setting Default and Test Values


Selecting a widget for a parameter

Selecting Widgets


Working with various parameter types

Parameter Types


In the following few chapters, you will learn more about these and other activities.