C# Functions


As C1 CMS is a .NET Framework based CMS, it is only natural that a web developer can use C# in the development. C# functions allow even the end users to use code written in C# as regular CMS functions.

With all the power of .NET Framework and C# on the one hand and programmatic access to a C1 CMS website and all its constituents via C1 CMS APIs on the other hand, C# functions are effective tools in web development and web design in C1 CMS.

Who Should Read This Guide

This guide is intended for developers who want to learn how to create C# functions in C1 CMS.

As a developer, you must be an expert in .NET Framework and C# and know how to work with C1 CMS and in the CMS Console as well as a C# code editor of your choice (for example, Visual Studio). Knowing XML and XSLT is desirable as some topics and tasks include references to XSLT functions and XML.

You need to have access to the Functions perspective with sufficient permissions to create, edit and delete C# functions. To use the C# functions on pages and page templates, you might also need to have access to the Content and Layout perspectives.

Getting Started

To get started with C# Functions, you are supposed to take a number of steps.

Getting Started



Chapter or section


Create inline C# functions

Creating Inline C# Functions


Edit inline C# functions

Editing Inline C# Functions


Create external C# functions

Creating External C# Functions


Add external C# functions in the CMS Console

Adding External C# Functions in CMS Console


Make C# available in Visual Editor

Integrating with Visual Editor


Use C# functions

Using C# Functions


In the following few chapters, you will learn more about these and other activities.