XSLT Functions

Transform XML the way you need with XSLT Functions.

XSLT Functions take care of reusing and rendering content on a web page as well as add more functionality to websites in general. Creating an XSLT function in C1 CMS is more a task for intermediate users who already have a way with this CMS. On the other hand, it does not require much skill and might be a piece of cake even for beginners. You can decide for yourself by reading the following tutorials.

  • First XSLT Function

    Create a simple XSLT function; this example enables you to show Youtube video's inline on your site.

  • Link to Detail XSLT

    Building a very common building block in your website; showing a list of links to full rendering of a datatype.

  • Guide to XSLT Functions

    Learn how to create XSLT functions, edit XSLT functions by adding input parameters and making calls to other CMS Functions, edit their markup as well as preview and debug the functions.

  • Function Parameters

    Learn how to create function parameters, set default and test values and select proper widgets as well as find out what parameter types are available in C1 CMS.

  • Sorting and Paging

    Learn how to sort and page when outputting data with XSLT. In the example, the output lists 50 U.S. states in a table splitting them between 5 pages, 10 states per page.

  • Joining Multiple Tables

    Learn how to join multiple tables (data types) when querying data in C1 CMS, using C# and LINQ

  • Calling CMS Functions

    You can invoke CMS Function calls 'dynamically' in your XSLT enabling you to use XSLT logic to control function executions.

  • Captcha in forms

    Learn how to use the built-in CAPTCHA functionality in C1 CMS with Web forms rendered by XSLT functions.

  • Adding an XSLT extension

    Learn how to execute some C# code from an XSLT function by creating an XSLT extension object.

  • Handling URLs

    Learn how to effectively handle dynamically-generated URLs in makup and code.


    Frequently asked questions on using XSLT in developing and designing websites in C1 CMS.