User Control Functions

Create and Use User Control Functions

The User Control functions allow you to create ASCX user controls and use them as regular CMS Functions.

In C1 CMS v 4.0 or later, User Control functions are an integral part of the system.

(If you want to create and use them earlier C1 CMS Versions, you can make use of the C1Contrib's User Control Functions.)

The User Control functions are available in C1 CMS for insertion on pages, templates, in other functions and in function calls in the CMS Console.

Note. To quickly create boilerplate-code User Control functions (as well as Master Page based templates) from Visual Studio 2012, install an ad-hoc Visual Studio 2012 extension by C1 CMS: CompositeC1WebFormExtensions.vsix. (It works with Visual Studio 2012 only.)

In this guide, you'll learn how to create, edit and use User Control functions.