C# Functions

C# Functions

A C# function is one of several types of CMS functions, written in C#. There are two types of C# functions in C1 CMS:

  • Inline
  • External

Inline C# functions are created and edited in the CMS Console in its source code editor.

External C# functions are created and edited in an external source code editor such as Visual Studio, normally placed in the App_Code folder and added as CMS functions in the CMS Console.

(Please note that also in the manner described in the following chaptersб as the source of external C# function, you can use public static C# methods contained in assembles in the Bin folder as well as in shared .NET Framework assemblies, e.g. System.Guid.NewGuid(). However, this topic is beyond the scope of this guide, which only deals with the C# methods from App_Code.)

When writing C# functions, in addition to the standard .NET Framework, you can also use C1 CMS API. Please see http://api.composite.net/ for more information.

In the following few chapters you will learn how to create and use both inline and external C# functions in C1 CMS.