Updating Package Version Number

Update the version number of an installed package with package version "bumper" package fragment installer

The PackageVersionBumperFragmentInstaller can update the version number for a package already installed in C1 CMS.

Normally, C1 CMS prevents installing a package if the same or a newer version of the package is already installed. This package can be used in upgrade packages for other packages.


	installerType="Composite.Core.PackageSystem.PackageFragmentInstallers.PackageVersionBumperFragmentInstaller, Composite">
			newVersion="1.3.8" />

The <PackageVersions /> element

The PackageVersions element can contain one or more PackageVersion elements, which allow you to specify the ID of the package you want to update the version of and a new version number.

The PackageVersion element has the following attribute:

  • packageId: The ID of a package to update the version of.
  • newVersion: A new version number