Adding Users to User Groups

Add users to user groups with the user group user adder package fragment installer

The UserGroupUserAdderFragmentInstaller can add all the users to specified user groups in C1 CMS.


    installerType="Composite.Core.PackageSystem.PackageFragmentInstallers.UserGroupUserAdderFragmentInstaller, Composite"
    uninstallerType="Composite.Core.PackageSystem.PackageFragmentInstallers.UserGroupUserAdderFragmentUninstaller, Composite">
		<UsergroupName Name="Developers" />
		<UsergroupName Name="Content Writers" />

Please note that both users and user groups should be existing in C1 CMS. If you are create users and / or user groups in your package (via some other package fragment installer), make sure you do that before using the UserGroupUserAdderFragmentInstaller.

The <UsergroupNames /> element

The UsergroupNames element can contain one or more UsergroupName elements, which allow you to specify the names of user existing groups you want to add all the existing users to.

The UsergroupName element has the following attribute:

  • Name: The name of an existing user group.