URL Configuration

Make use of user and SEO friendly URLs

C1 CMS provides you with tools to configure URLs, hostname bindings etc for the purpose of hosting multiple websites and shorter URLs. The URL Configuration features are available in the System perspective of the CMS Console.

  • URL Suffixes

    Learn how to set up pages to use a custom suffix such as '.aspx' or no suffix at all.

  • Hostnames

    Learn how to bind hostnames to multiple sites within one C1 CMS installation.

  • Empty URL Title

    Learn how to set up an empty URL Title for a root page.

  • PathInfo

    Learn how to use C1 CMS API to work with PathInfo.

  • Hosting Servers

    Learn how C1 CMS supports the URL Configuration features on various hosting servers.


C1 CMS version 6.2 or later