Creating Static Data Types

Create data stores for static data types with data type package fragment installer

The DataTypePackageFragmentInstaller can create data stores for static data types - data types created programmatically.

This package fragment installer can be used in combination with DataPackageFragmentInstaller to install (copy) default content on the website.

Please note that package fragment installer does not create static data types, you should create them and copy the assemblies that contain these types separately.


	installerType="Composite.Core.PackageSystem.PackageFragmentInstallers.DataTypePackageFragmentInstaller, Composite" 
	uninstallerType="Composite.Core.PackageSystem.PackageFragmentInstallers.DataTypePackageFragmentUninstaller, Composite">
		<Type name="Composite.AppFeed.Provider.Magazine.MagazineGroup, Composite.AppFeed.Provider.Magazine" />
		<Type name="Composite.AppFeed.Provider.Magazine.MagazineArticle, Composite.AppFeed.Provider.Magazine" />

The <Types /> element

The Types element can contain one, or more Type elements, each denoting a static data type for which data stores should be created in the system.

The Type element has one required attribute:

  • name: The full name of type (for example, Composite.AppFeed.Provider.Magazine.MagazineArticle) and the name of the assembly that contains it (for example, Composite.AppFeed.Provider.Magazine) separated by a comma.