Open Cph Starter Site

Make use of the modern website designs based on the Bootstrap framework from Twitter

The Open Cph Starter Site is based on the Bootstrap, a free collection of tools for creating websites and web applications, as well as LESS and ASP.NET Razor or Master Pages.

It has two versions according the technology used "behind the scenes":

  • The Razor version is built on ASP.NET Razor and uses Razor Web Pages for page templates.
  • The Master Pages version is built on ASP.NET Master Pages and uses Master Pages for page templates.

Note. It has a minimalistic "templates-only" version named "Tiny Cph" that has the same page layout templates and functions but is stripped of its content pages and media files. It also comes in two versions: Razor- and Master Pages based.


The Tiny Cph Starter Site features:

Note: If you are using IIS6, please consider configuring .LESS on IIS6 as this Starter site uses .LESS for stylesheets.


You can quickly personalize the Open Cph website by changing its colors, adding your own logo, inserting "content spots" or updating links in the page footer.

Please see "Personalization" for more information.


This starter site supports theming. You can: