Using asp:form

Wrap Markup with <asp:form></asp:form>

In C1 CMS, you can insert ASP.NET user controls in pages, templates, CMS Functions. These user controls may include web forms. That is why you should specify <asp:form> tags around the markup where such controls occur or are expected.

The <asp:form> tag must include this namespace:

You can add <asp:form></asp:form> in the Source Editor when editing pages, layout templates or CMS Functions.

For example, to add these tags within a page:

  1. From the Content perspective, edit a page.
  2. Switch to Source mode.
  3. Insert <asp:form></asp:form> around the page markup:
    <asp:form xmlns:asp="">
      <!-- page markup -->
  4. Save and publish the page.

On the server side, it will create a standard ASP.NET form.

<form runat="server">
  <!-- ASP.NET form controls, etc -->