Data Centric Functions

Using Compound Filter

To combine two or more filters specifying relations between them either logical conjunction (“and”) or disjunction (“or”), you should use the CompoundFilter.

It has three parameters, one of which sets the relation (“and” or “or”) and the other two expect one of the filter functions.

Apart from Data Reference, Fields Predicate and Active Page Reference filters, you can also specify another Compound Filter as its parameters and thus make complex combination of filters.

These are the parameters of the compound filter.

  • IsAndQuery (Boolean): If you select “And” both filters are applied to the data. Selecting “Or” will give you the data that matches just one of the filters.
  • Left (Expression<Func<Customers,Boolean>>): One of the two filters (the one to evaluate first)
  • Right (Expression<Func<Customers,Boolean>>): One of the two filters (the one to evaluate last)