Data Centric Functions

Using Active Page Reference Filter

Another type of filter is ActivePageReferenceFilter, which is used solely with page data folders and page metatypes.

When you use the Get<DataType>Xml function for these two page-specific data types, it retrieves all the data items regardless the page they are attached or added to.

The ActivePageReferenceFilter allows you to retrieve only those items that are specific to a certain page. And not only so.

By using its Page Scope parameter, you can retrieve items the current page has relation with. For example, you can retrieve data items specific to the child pages instead of, or in addition to, those specific to the current page.

The following are the page scopes you can use to control what data items to retrieve for page-specific data types.

  • <NONE>
  • Current page
  • All pages (no filter)
  • Ancestors and current (breadcrumbs)
  • Ancestor pages
  • Parent pages
  • Current and descendant pages
  • Child pages
  • Sibling pages
  • Level 1 page (homepage)
  • Level 1 and descendant pages (current site)
  • Level 1 and sibling pages (all homepages)
  • Level 2 page
  • Level 2 and descendant pages
  • Level 2 and sibling pages (site main areas)
  • Level 3 page
  • Level 3 and descendant pages
  • Level 3 and sibling pages
  • Level 4 page
  • Level 4 and descendant pages
  • Level 4 and sibling pages

Their names are self-explanatory.