Search API

Search functionality allows searching for documents within the CMS console, as well as on frontend.

Search API contains interfaces through which one can

  • define what data should be indexed, define facets and how the indexed values should be previewed;
  • perform search queries;
  • implement a custom search provider.

Supported search query features:

  • Full text search
  • Faceted search
  • Search results pagination and sorting
  • Highlighting matched text fragments

To enable search functionality on a site one should

  • Install a search provider package (f.e. Orckestra.Search.LuceneNET or a custom one).
  • Mark custom data types and respective fields within them as searchable.
  • If needed, using the API configure the way the custom data is indexed.

To add the a search page to a C1 website, one can either use the Orckestra.Search.WebsiteSearch package or implement it using the search API and following the examples.


API Overview