Creating Datatypes

Test Your Knowledge


  1. Create a global data type.
  2. Specify its title and type name as “RegisteredUsers”.
  3. Enter “Test” for the type namespace.


  1. Add 3 string fields to the RegisteredUsers data type and name them “FirstName”, “LastName” and “EmailAddress” accordingly.
  2. Add another string field and name it “About myself”.
  3. Set its Widget type to “TextArea”.
  4. Add a date field to the data type and name it “DateOfBirth”.
  5. Add a data reference field of the C1 Image File type and name it “Avatar”.
  6. Change its widget to Composite.Widgets.DataReference.DataTypesIImageFile.Selector


  1. Add a string field and name it “Country”.
  2. Set its Widget type to “Selector”.
  3. Specify the Country options for the selector: “Denmark”, “USA”, “UK”, “The Netherlands” and “Germany”.
  4. Save the data type.
  5. Make the data type available in the Content perspective.


  1. Create a web page and name it “Registration”.
  2. Add an input form to the web page (using the Forms Renderer add-on) and associate it with the RegisteredUsers data type.
  3. Set its response text to “Thank you for registering with us.
  4. Make the form use the CAPTCHA.
  5. Save and publish the page.


  1. Add a data item to the RegisteredUsers global data type from the Content perspective.
  2. Open the Registration page in a web browser.
  3. Fill out and submit the form.