Using Page Title and Description

Make use of a page's title and description in Master Page templates

You can indicate in your Master Page template that the title and description of a CMS Page should be used, for example, in <title/> or <h1/> or in the meta description.

For this, use these C1 CMS specific controls:

  • The <c1:Title/> inserts the page's title.
  • The <c1:Description/> inserts the page's description.
  • The <c1:DescriptionMetaTag/> builds the meta description tag and sets the content attribute to the page's description: <meta name="description" content="(page description)"/>.
<head runat="server">
		<c1:Title id="title" runat="server"/>
	<c1:DescriptionMetaTag runat="server" />
			<c1:Title runat="server" />
			<c1:Description runat="server" />