Downloadable Themes

Make your starter site look different by applying one of the ready-made themes

Here are a few themes you can try on your Bootstrap-based starter site.

Important: Consider backing up ~/Frontend/Styles/bootstrap/variables.less on your website before applying a sample theme.

The following few samples are provided by Bootswatch.

To quickly apply one of the following themes:

  1. Open the URL provided for the theme or select the them on the site's top menu (e.g. Theme / Cosmo).
  2. In the top menu of the page, click Download and then variables.less and bootswatch.less to download these files.
  3. Copy the variables.less and bootswatch.less to ~/Frontend/Styles/bootstrap/ overwriting the existing files if required.
  4. Edit ~/Frontend/Styles/style.less and add @import "bootstrap/bootswatch.less"; below @import "bootstrap/bootstrap.less";  and save the file.
    @import "bootstrap/bootstrap.less";
    @import "bootstrap/bootswatch.less";
  5. Refresh the website in the browser (F5).

Note: If a theme doesn't seem to be working, please check variables.less of that theme for errors. For example, all the variables in variables.less must be defined before they are used.