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  1. Training
    the results of your exam · Good luck! Getstarted · Start your path towards C1 CMS certification here: C1 CMS Basics
  2. Installation and Setup
    Installation-and-Setup · Install C1 CMS with Web PI · Let’s getstarted by installing and setting up C1 CMS. In this
  3. Creating Razor Templates in CMS Console
    and open in Code Editor in the right pane. The new template already has some code that will help you getstarted
  4. In CMS Console
    help you getstarted. Markup (.master) · <!DOCTYPE html PUBLIC "-//W3C//DTD XHTML 1.0 Transitional//EN" "http
  5. Composite.Tools.OData
    pane with the contents of the selected CMS Data store. Start writing LINQ... Technology demo · To get a quick intro to the
  6. Developer Documentation
    registration requirement. If you wish to install C1 CMS and set up a website, follow our GettingStarted guide. Otherwise
  7. Translating Strings
    Translating-Strings · Translate Strings · Before you start translating strings with the tool, you might want to know
  8. Optimizing LINQ Queries
    acceptable 50-70ms to start with. This would be enough to serve the page to 50-100 concurrent users. The algorithm of
  9. C1 CMS 1.3 Beta 2 download and upgrade
    Application Pool for the site · View the site in a browser (so C1 CMS starts up). Wait for page. Important: You may get
  10. C1 CMS 1.3 Beta 1 download and upgrade
    1-3-Beta · We have chosen to publish a beta release of C1 CMS 1.3 so developers can start using .NET 4, ASP.NET 4

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