Using Composite.Tools.OData

Along with Web API that allows you to access CMS Data via OData, C1 CMS also supports OData via a package called Composite.Tools.OData. Using this package, you can query the C1 CMS Data store using the OData. Data types you define via the UI works as well as the data types that are a part of C1 CMS and installed packages.

Note. The Composite.Tools.OData package is no longer supported and its use is deprecated.

How to implement OData support

To start querying the CMS Data store using OData:

  1. Download the Composite.Tools.OData package.
  2. Install the package on your C1 CMS site as a 'Local package' - you can do this via System | Packages | Installed Packages | Local Packages.

Querying data

Once the package is installed you can query via the OData protocol on the URI as "http://<hostname>:<port>/OData/OData.svc". On information on what client libraries you can use, please visit the OData Libraries page.

To get instant LINQ and OData satisfaction, try calling your OData service using LinqPad like this:

  1. Download, install and run LinqPad (
  2. In the LinqPad window, click "Add connection".
  3. In the wizard, select "WCF Data Services" and click "Next".
  4. In the next window, select "OData" ("Data Services" in earlier versions) for the Provider.
  5. Type the URI as "http://<hostname>/OData/OData.svc". (Please replace <hostname> with your hostname.)
  6. Click "OK". LinqPad will populate the right pane with the contents of the selected CMS Data store.
  7. Start writing LINQ...

Technology demo

To get a quick intro to the OData package and examples on how it can expose both native C1 CMS Data type and data types you define yourself, watch this video:

Important Notes

  • Security is not implemented in the package and it is used solely for technology demonstration.
  • Full OData support is not implemented in this demo.
  • For easy deployment the OData package will update your web.config and enable WCF services to use multiple site bindings - for more info on this setting, please see Supporting Multiple IIS Site Bindings.


C1 CMS version 2.0 SP1 or later