Website Languages

Add languages to your website and switch between them

You start localizing your website by adding another language to it. By default, the website language is the one you choose in the Language step of the C1 CMS setup wizard, for example, "English (US)".

To add another language to a website:

  1. In the System perspective, select Languages.
  2. Click Add Language on the toolbar.
  3. In the Add Language window in the Languages drop-down list, select the language of your choice, for example, "Danish".
  4. Click OK.

Selecting the language will auto-fill the "URL mapping name" field, for example, "da" for Danish. You can however change it to whatever you need. Normally, it is the default language that has no URL mapping name specified. Please note that only one of the added language can have this field blank.

This value is used when building a path to your localized pages on the website, for example, (English, US) and (Danish). If you'd rather have a national domain instead (, consider configuring multiple hostnames in C1 CMS.

The "User access" option makes sure that all the CMS Console users have access to the language version of the website.

Switching Languages

To access you website in the added language, you need to switch the language.

Having switched to another language, you can go on to translate pages, data and forms on your website into that language.