What's Next?

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Continue Designing the Website

First of all, you can continue with the website you have just created and published. You can change the blog and gallery behavior by modifying parameters of their corresponding functions. You can also customize markup of these functions in the “Functions” perspective, below “XSLT Functions”.

For more information, please refer to the documentation on these packages:

For information about other CMS Packages, please refer to our Add-on Market.

You can continue with C1 CMS in general by looking into customizing the starter site and changing its layout templates.

Besides, Composite provides a range of training courses for those who want to learn to work with C1 CMS presented as a number of tracks such as the ASP.NET Developer or Front-end Developer track.

The training materials are provided as a set of links to relevant C1 CMS's online documentation and may include one or more topic articles, chapters of guides, FAQ, how-to videos etc. You can try and do a sample assignment in each track to test your C1 CMS knowledge and skills.

Finally, be sure to visit http://c1cms.codeplex.com/ where you can suggest new features, ask questions or give helpful critique in the discussion forum.