Multiple Websites

Run multiple C1 CMS Websites in one deployment

You can have more than one C1 CMS Website running in the same Azure web role / on the same Windows Server within one deployment.

The steps for adding more websites to the existing web role/Windows Server are no different from adding the first website.

Please note that:

  • Each website should be uploaded to its own dedicated website container.
  • While configuring the website, you should use domain names that are not in use by other websites already running in the web role / on the Windows Server.

To add another website to the existing C1 CMS Azure deployment:

  1. Upload a website to a new website container in your blob storage. Normally this is the same blob storage you are already using for both other website containers and the deployment container.
  2. Configure the website, making sure the bindings are set to the domain names not in use by other websites in the deployment.
  3. Publish the website to the Azure web role / Windows Server.