Get an overview of parameters of Websites.xml

You can find Websites.xml in a deployment container.


Use this file to add websites to, and remove them from, a web role. The website to add must be uploaded to a dedicated website container in a blob storage.

When you add the information about the website uploaded to the blob storage (its name and its website container name), it gets down-synced to the web role of the deployment.

The following are parameters available for configuration in this file:

nameThe name of the website on IIS in a web role[e.g. "contoso"]
storenameThe name of a website container in a blob storage where the website has been uploaded and gets down-synced to the web role from.[e.g. "contoso-website"]


<?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8"?>
  <Website name="contoso" storename="contoso-website"/>
  <Website name="fabrikam" storename="fabrikam-website"/>