Use diagnostics extension to monitor Web roles

To monitor the work of your Web roles, you should add a diagnostics extension and use some diagnostics monitoring tool.

We prepared a configuration file for diagnostics extension and a PowerShell script that automates the installation of the diagnostics extension.

Download DiagnosticsExtension.zip


  1. Download and unzip the DiagnosticsExtension.zip.
  2. Edit the PaaSDiagnostics.CmsWebRole.PubConfig.xml file.
  3. Locate and replace the {ACCOUNT_NAME} placeholder with the name of the storage account associated with the web role you are going to monitor.


  4. Save the changes.

Installing the diagnostics extension

  1. Run the PowerShell script from the DiagnosticsExtension.zip: InstallDiagnosticExtension.ps1
  2. Follow the steps as suggested by the script:
    1. Log in to your Azure account if prompted and download the publishSettings file for the account. (Normally, it should download automatically.)
    2. Browse to, and open, the downloaded publishSettings file.
    3. Select your subscription (if many)
    4. Select the storage associated with the web role
    5. Select the cloud service where the web role is running.
    6. Browse to, and open, the PaaSDiagnostics.CmsWebRole.PubConfig.xml from the DiagnostcsExtension.zip, which you’ve updated with the proper storage account name (see above).
    7. Press ENTER.
  3. Wait for the installation to complete.

Now you can go on to use some 3rd party diagnostics tool to monitor the web role, for example, Azure Diagnostics Viewer.