Deploying on Microsoft Azure

Prepare and deploy a C1 CMS Website on Microsoft Azure and scale it out if necessary.

To deploy a C1 CMS Website on Microsoft Azure, you need to:

  1. upload your website to a blob storage on Microsoft Azure,
  2. deploy a web role
  3. and down-sync (publish) the website from the blob storage to the web role.

Upload and configure the website

To prepare your website:

  1. Make sure that you have a Microsoft Azure account registered, an Azure blob storage created and know the connection string to that storage (please see "Prepare on Azure").
  2. Upload your website to the storage (please see "Upload Website to Storage").
  3. Configure the website (please see "Configure Website").

Deploy the web role

To deploy a web role with the required CMS Azure synchronization functionality, you need to:

  1. Download a C1 CMS Azure service package (please see "Downloads").
  2. Upload the default and/or other certificates to the cloud service in use (please see "Upload Certificate").
  3. Configure this package (please see "Configure Service Package").
  4. Use it to deploy the C1 CMS Azure web role on Microsoft Azure (please see "Deploy Web Role").

The role will host your website.

You have two deployment options:

The latter option requires that you purchase and use the Azure Publisher add-on on your staging website.

If you prefer an SQL-based website over an XML-based one, you can look into using SQL Azure for that.

(To deploy a C1 CMS Website on a Windows Server, please see the steps in "Deploying on Window Server".)

Publish the website to the web role

Once the role or roles are deployed, you can have your website published (down-synced) from the blob storage to the web role(s). (Please see "Publish Website to Web Role".)

Please note that you can add more websites to the same role if necessary.