Prepare on Azure

Get ready before deploying a C1 CMS Website on Microsoft Azure or a Window Server

To get started with C1 CMS on Microsoft Azure/Windows Server, you need to have:

  • Microsoft Azure account
  • a blob storage account on Microsoft Azure

If you don’t have the Microsoft Azure account, sign up for it.

To deploy one or more websites, you should create a blob storage account within your Microsoft Azure account. You should also make a note of the name and the primary access key of the blob storage account.

Microsoft Azure Signup

You have at least 3 options for Microsoft Azure account signup:

Blob Storage and Connection String

Create or use a storage on Microsoft Azure. To create a storage:

  1. Log in to your Microsoft Azure Portal.
  2. Select New / Data + Storage / Storage account.
  3. Select Classic for the Deployment model.
  4. Enter a name for your storage account and select other options where necessary: Subscription, Resource Group, Location.
  5. Click Create.
  6. Copy or make a note of, the storage account's name and primary access key (All Resources / [your storage account] / Access Keys)

Show the steps for the old Azure portal

(If needed, you can click a blue button with a question mark in the lower right corner of your Microsoft Azure portal to open the online Help about creating and using blob storage accounts.)

You will use the blob storage when uploading a website to Microsoft Azure (website container) and when publishing the website to the web role with the C1 CMS Azure package or to a Windows Server with the C1 CMSAzureBlobSync tool (deployment container).

You will use these values in the blob connection string when configuring the Azure Publisher add-on (or any other tool of your choice) for uploading the website to the blob storage. You will also use the connection string configuring the synchronization of the website from the storage to an Azure web role or a Windows Server.

Once you are done preparing a storage on Microsoft Azure, you can go on to upload a website to this storage.