Environment Configuration

Get an overview of parameters of the environment configuration when deploying on a Windows Server

You should use the environment configuration (env.cscfg) when deploying on a Windows Server with the AzureBlobSync tool.


  <add name="Environment.IsThisTheLowestInstance" value="true" />
  <add name="Environment.NumberOfInstances" value="1" />
  <add name="Environment.DeploymentId" value="ws2012-deployment" />
  <add name="Environment.RoleInstanceId" value="DemoRole1" />
  <add name="Environment.RoleInstanceName" value="DemoRole" />
  <add name="Environment.WebsitesPath" value="c:\www" />
  <add name="Environment.RootPath" value="c:\AzureBlobSync" />
  <add name="WebRole.Iis.DeleteDefaultSites" value="false" />
  <add name="WebRole.Iis.ManageIisConfiguration" value="true" />
  <add name="WebRole.SmtpServer.Install" value="true" />

The following is the overview of all the available parameters.

Configuration Settings (Environment)

IsThisTheLowestInstanceIndicates whether the "content management" instance is enabled for the “lowest” instance of the website when upsync is enabled and there are multiple deployment instances (as the setup does not support multiple “content management” instances.)['true' or 'false']
NumberOfInstancesThe number of instances[e.g. '1']
DeploymentIdThe deployment ID. Used internally.[e.g. 'ws2012-deployment']
RoleInstanceIdThe role instance ID. Used internally.[e.g. 'DemoRole1']
RoleInstanceNameThe role instance name. Used internally.[e.g. 'DemoRole']
WebsitePathThe folder where required website folders will be created.[e.g. 'c:\www']
RootPathThe path where the C1AzureBlobSync tool will create temporary files (for example, download cache, etc)[e.g. 'c:\AzureBlobSync']

Configuration Settings (WebRole)

Iis.DeleteDefaultSiteIndicates whether the C1AzureBlobSync tool will clear all the websites from the IIS before setting up a new one ('true' by default). When deploying locally, it is important to set this parameter to 'false'.['true' or 'false']
Iis.ManageIisConfigurationIndicates whether the IIS will be configured automatically. If the website is created manually or in another way not involving the C1AzureBlobSync tool, you can disable the IIS configuration altogether by setting this parameter to 'false'.['true' or 'false']
SmtpServer.InstallIndicates whether the SMTP service will be installed on the server ('true' by default). You can disallow the SMTP service installation by setting this parameter to 'false'.['true' or 'false']