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  1. Gettingstarted
    Getting-Started · Before you install and use C1 CMS, learn about its system requirements. System Requirements · If your
  2. GettingStarted
    GettingStarted Videos · 10/19/2010: Installing C1 CMS via WebMatrix · The application gallery in
  3. Guide
    Guide to GettingStarted · Guide-to-Getting-Started-with-CMS · Learn how to getstarted with C1 CMS by installing and
  4. Bare Bones
    selecting this option, you get a minimum setup that helps you getstarted with C1 CMS. From here, you can either import a ready
  5. Adding Placeholders
    in your template. @functions { public XhtmlDocument Start { get; set; } public XhtmlDocument Content { get; set
  6. New to C1 CMS?
    interface in C1 CMS. Gettingstarted - for developers · How to download for WebMatrix, IIS and Visual Studio 2010
  7. Creating Razor Functions in the CMS Console
    has some code that will help you getstarted. @inherits RazorFunction @functions { public override string
  8. Creating User Control Functions in the CMS Console
    in the right pane. The new function already has some code that will help you getstarted. .ascx · <%@ Control Language
  9. Samples
    about User Control functions · The sample code for User Control functions may get you started if you prefer to learn by
  10. Azure
    on Microsoft Azure for free. Getstarted with C1 CMS on Microsoft Azure! For more information on C1 CMS on Microsoft

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