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  1. Customizing Visual Editor
    respectively and the configuration file - common.xml · How to getstarted with customization? Normally, you should: add
  2. Data URL Routing
    individual data items accessible via URLs · Starting from version 5.0, you can quickly build a list-to-details view for a data
  3. Captcha
    that appears on the screen. The input is evaluated and if correct, the user is presumed to be human. Starting from SP 3
  4. Example 2
    ")] Guid Id { get; set; } [StoreFieldType(PhysicalStoreFieldType.String, 32)] [ImmutableFieldId
  5. Videos
    Razor. A quick intro how to get everything up and running. 8/4/2010: Building a FAQ ground up using
  6. Password Policy
    history · Note. Starting from C1 CMS version 4.2 Update 2, all the passwords are stored as salted SHA256 hash values
  7. XML Data Provider
    Data Provider · To start with, let's have a look at this query: public static string GetPageTitle(Guid pageId) { using

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