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  1. Publish Website
    Websites.xml. Soon after the Websites.xml gets updated in the storage, C1 CMS Azure (the web role bits or the blob sync tool
  2. Starter Site Options
    a few Starter Sites that will help you getstarted with your own website in no time. By observing all the starter site
  3. Logging
    filter out log entries of specific types (Verbose etc). To get more detailed logging (both real-time and historic
  4. Prepare on Azure
    before deploying a C1 CMS Website on Microsoft Azure or a Window Server · To getstarted with C1 CMS on Microsoft Azure
  5. Using the new Tree XML for building applications
    strategy for enabling front-end developers to build rich administrative applications using tools they know. Getting
  6. Form Workflows
    Workflow Foundation to control UI flow and state in your CMS Console applications · In this code sample you will get an
  7. URL Remapping
    configuration file contains any errors the HTTP filter will fail on application start. The following attributes can be used on
  8. Whats new in 1.3 Beta 2?
    news page, get page type related meta data fields show up, get access to the Layout Templates that make sense for the
  9. C1 CMS and SQL Azure
    follow the standard procedure for creating an SQL database on Microsoft Azure. See "GettingStarted with Microsoft Azure
  10. Web Form Master Pages
    Learn how to use Master Pages as C1 CMS Page templates. Get full power of Master Pages in C1 CMS · As an ASP.NET

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